• Staff

    Welcome to Sunnymede!

    The staff at Sunnymede is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment which will allow each student to reach his or her full potential. The vision of each staff member is to create a positive learning community that embraces our diversity. Sunnymede is a place where learning has meaning, people are respected, and success is celebrated.  

  • Principal

    Mrs. Krystle T. Smith


    Assistant Principal

    Mrs. Joni Donoho






    Mrs. Kimberly Bennett

    Mrs. Lori Campbell


    Mrs. Erin Wilson

    Mrs. Robyn Young



    First Grade



    Mrs. Mandy Bush

    Mrs. Jana Griesse

    Mrs. Christy Thompson


    Second Grade



    Ms. Vick

    Ms. Wendy Parker

    Mrs. Brittney Wilbanks




    Third Grade



    Mrs. Canfield

    Mrs. Letitia Elkins

    Mrs. Aimee Warren





    Fourth Grade



    Mrs. Candice Bruce

     Ms. Avery Pierce

    Mrs. Carlena Weakley

     Ms. Taylor    

    Fifth Grade



    Ms. Pope

    Mrs. Stephanie Stubblefield

    Ms. Howard

     Sixth Grade



    Mrs. Grubbs  Mr. Washington  Ms. Peiporia

    Ms. Harris




     Mrs. Jill Biddle


    Special Education


    Mrs. Carrie Burress

    Ms. Tracy Watkins

    Mrs. Elizabeth Shepard





     Ms. Emily Kibler  Mrs. Kallie Wood  




    Ms. Kelsey Struckhoff






    Media Center



    Ms. Rebecca Burch

    Mr. Evans







    Ms. Brittany Dixon (P.E.)

    Mrs. Lorie Horn (GATE)


    Mrs. Julianna Johnson (Art)



    Mrs. Janet Williamson (Music), NBCT




    Instructional Specialists



    Mrs. Lisa Gray

    Mrs. Lisa Johnson

     Mrs. Sherry Lipe

     Mrs. Sherry Jones






    Ms. Jenny Alvarez

     Ms. Nichole McClennahan


    Office Personnel


    Ms. Maria Medina

    Mrs. Cindy Rutledge

    Ms. Lizette Torress






     Mr. Will Conner

      Mr. Festus Hawkins

     Mr. Gary Infalt




    Cafeteria Staff 


    Ms. Sandy Curl, Cafeteria Manager

    Mrs. Stephanie Carson      

    Mrs. Silvia Castro


    Mrs. Robin McCarville 

    Mrs. Angelica Solis

    Mrs. Barbara Thompson




    Mrs. Karen Gardner