• Parents

    Dear Ballman Parents and Guardians:

    School has started and it is time for parents, families, and community members to start thinking about their personal involvement in their child's education. Study after study clearly indicates that when parents and families are involved, students achieve at higher levels, have better attendance, and exhibit a positive attitude toward school. To affect positive change, parents must find time to participate in their children's education, while schools must provide the support and resources necessary for them to be involved.

    Don't know where to start? Try these tips:

    Volunteer: Find manageable ways you can enrich the learning environment at your child’s school by contributing your knowledge and skills and providing services and support to students and teachers.

    Support learning at home: Families can help their children develop good study habits, supervise their homework, monitor TV viewing and after-school activities, supervise regular bedtimes, and maintain good school attendance. Also, teach respect, discipline, and a love of learning to your child. 

    Communicate: Parents and schools should communicate regularly about information important to the student's success through newsletters, conferences, scheduled visits and e-mail messages.

    Support school activities: Participate in the activities sponsored by your school and PTA. Your presence and participation will show your child that you care.

    Join your school's PTA: Parents, teachers and administrators, working together through the PTA, can make remarkable things happen for children, schools, and the community. We look forward to seeing you all this year!! 

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    2017-18 PTA OFFICERS

    Matt Friery – President
    Lynnett Lott – Vice-President
    Jennifer Faldon  – Secretary  
    Daniel Lott – Treasurer
    Catherine Johnson - Membership Chair
    Stacey Glover - Reflections Chair