Vision 2023 Strategic Planning Committee

  • Strategic Planning Committee


    Kent Blochberger, David Cogswell, Mary Lynee Cloar, David Craig, Jackie Flake, Evan Fleming, Georgia Hale, Betsy Hayes, Jerry Glidewell, Jason Green, Crystal Lougin, Marcie McKinney, Autumn Minnick, Mat Pitsch, Sam Sicard, Talicia Richardson, Adrian Roque, Lonnie Watts, Hanh Choung, Greg Crawford, Ryan Gray, Katie Kreimer Hall, Angelica Hernandez, Britt Humphries, Keri Rathbun, Natasha Shoate, Laura Smith, Sharla Whitson, Isaiah Joe, Hannah Krehbiel, Dania Rahal and Okla Ben Smith.

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    Fort Smith Public Schools, a premier district where innovation creates excellence, is dedicated to providing an equitable, challenging educational experience by engaging families and community partners as we prepare students to embrace their roles in our culturally diverse community and rapidly changing world. 

    Our Objectives

    An uncompromising commitment to achieve specific, measurable, observable, or demonstrable results that exceed current capability

    • Equitable Access: Each FSPS student will have equal access to programs, resources and opportunities.
    • Well Being/Mental Health: Each student will receive needed support that ensures physical, mental and emotional health.
    • Career Pathways: Each student will have early exposure to education and career planning, resources and guidance to prepare them with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful, life-long learners.
    • Staffing: Each student will be instructed by well-trained professionals.
    • Technology: Each student will have dependable and equal technological resources necessary to be prepared for the future.
    • Instruction: Each student will have high-quality instruction that targets their identified individual needs from PK through graduation.
    • Learning Environment: Each student will have instructionally supportive learning environments that are safe, nurturing and welcoming.

    We believe that...

    1. Our diversity is a recognized asset in our schools and in our community.
    2. All students deserve equal opportunities to a quality education in a safe and
    accepting environment structured to foster the learning process.
    3. Everyone has value and plays a critical role in our community's future.
    4. All students have the potential to become successful, productive citizens in our
    diverse, rapidly changing world.
    5. The involvement of families is important to the success of students.
    6. Students are an investment in our society, therefore the involvement of the
    community in our schools is essential and highly valued.
    7. Everyone should embrace change in order to achieve at their highest potential.
    8. Educators are a vital element in our school system, and their continuing
    development will improve our schools.

    Vision 2023 Strategic Plan Draft

    Vision 2023 StraTegic Plan Summary