• Special Education 

    Fort Smith Public School District is a highly diverse community in terms of our student populations. This is equally true of our students receiving special education services and their families as any other demographic group in the District. We have worked collaboratively over the years with area support groups, service organizations, the Arkansas Department of Education – Special Education Unit, and state service organizations to help meet the unique and diverse needs of our students. Our offices are here to support you in working with your student’s needs and in developing effective and appropriate programming for them. 

    To send or request records: speddocs@fortsmithschools.org 

  • Contact Information

    Domonique Alexander
    Director of Special Education
    479-785-2501 ext. 91266

    Dr. Taneka Tate
    Assistant Director of Special Education
    479-785-2501 ext. 91272

    Aimee Billings
    Special Education Coordinator
    Tilles,Carnall, Howard, Euper Lane, Woods, Ballman, Brownwood, Private School
    479-785-2501 ext. 91279

    Alicia Henry
    Special Education Coordinator
    Northside, Darby, Park, Virtual, Homebound
    479-785-2501 ext. 91278

    Andrea Washington
    Special Education Coordinator
    Ramsey, Cook, Beard, Orr, Farview, Cavanaugh
    479-785-2501 ext. 91290

    Mindy VanPelt
    Special Education Coordinator
    Southside, Chaffin, Barling, Bonneville, JDC, Valley
    479-785-2501 ext. 91420

    Laura Edelen
    Special Education Coordinator
    Belle Pointe,Kimmons,Sunneymede,Morrison,Spradling, Sutton, Trusty
    479-785-2501 ext. 91244