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    Fort Smith Public Schools will serve grab-and-go breakfast and lunch at its 19 Elementary Schools beginning Monday, March 30, through Friday, April 17. Meals will be served from 11 AM to 1 PM during regularly scheduled school calendar days. Meals will not be served on Friday, April 10 (Good Friday Holiday - No School) or Monday, April 13 (Professional Development/Student Holiday).

    • Meals are free and available to all children ages 1-18. 
    • Children and parents may go to any location to receive meals.
    • Child Nutrition Staff will serve meals at the building front entrance.
    • Adults can purchase meals for $2.50 for breakfast and $4.00 for lunch.

    On Monday, March 30, students will receive three meals at pick-up: Monday breakfast, Monday lunch, and Tuesday breakfast. Thereafter, students will receive two meals at pick-up: lunch for the day of pick-up and breakfast for the next day.

    Fort Smith Public Schools encourages following CDC Guidelines for social distancing when picking up grab-and-go meals at these locations. Students will not be able to access lockers, classrooms or other areas of the school during this time. 

    Elementary School Locations Serving Grab-and-Go Breakfast and Lunch

    1. Ballman: 2601 South Q Street
    2. Barling: 1400 D Street in Barling
    3. Beard: 1600 Cavanaugh Road
    4. Bonneville: 2500 South Waldron Road
    5. Carnall: 2524 South Tulsa Street
    6. Cavanaugh: 1025 School Street
    7. Cook: 3517 Brooken Hill Drive
    8. Euper Lane: 6601 Euper Lane
    9. Fairview: 2400 South Dallas Street
    10. Howard: 1301 North 8th Street
    11. Morrison: 3415 Newlon Road
    12. Orr: 3609 Phoenix Avenue
    13. Pike: 4111 Park Avenue
    14. Spradling: 4949 Spradling Avenue
    15. Sunnymede: 4201 North O Street
    16. Sutton: 5001 Kelley Highway
    17. Tilles: 815 North 16th Street
    18. Trusty: 3300 Harris Avenue
    19. Woods: 3201 Massard Road



    To open a meal payment account, click on the TITAN button above.  Afer registering, choose Link Student, then provide your child's name, date of birth, school, and grade.  The final step is to fund the account.

    By using Titan School Solutions, your child will be assured of uninterrupted meal service, and all students will enjoy the benefits of faster-moving meal lines.  Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

    For more information about Titan School Solutions, contact Phillip Garcia, child nutrition director, Fort Smith Public Schools, at 785-2501, ext. 1240.


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