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OG&E reads to FSPS students for Martin Luther King Week of Service

In celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., OG&E employees took part in virtually reading to 84+ FSPS students the book “My Uncle Martin’s Big Heart,” written by Angela Farris Watkins, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
The company says it wants to help educate the younger generation on the contributions of Dr. King and his message on the importance of serving others.
“At OG&E, public service is one of our core values,” said Cristina McQuistion, OG&E Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Stewardship. “Our commitment to serve is unwavering both during MLK Week and throughout the year. Having a virtual week of service allows us to safely connect with our communities while carrying out our Dr. King’s call to serve others.”
OG&E employees read to first grade students at Cavanaugh, Sutton and Howard Elementary School. Special thanks to these OG&E volunteer readers: Nicole Rhodes, Spencer Browne, Will Cleveland and Jarrel Morton.
FSPS also thanks Cavanaugh, Sutton and Howard Elementary School principals and teachers who participated with OG&E: Hank Needham, Cavanaugh principal; Jennie Mathews, Sutton principal; Velmar Greene, Howard principal; Jeannette Zirbel, Cavanaugh teacher; Anita Stroh, Sutton teacher; Kim Lager, Howard teacher; and Brittany Oakley, Sutton teacher
“As we reflect on Dr. King and his impact on our society, we appreciate our friends at OG&E and their willingness to volunteer their time to our students,” said Hank Needham, principal at Cavanaugh Elementary School. “The time their members are volunteering to virtually join our first-grade classrooms helps us as educators to emphasize his important lessons. We are grateful that our first-graders have the opportunity to learn about this incredible leader whose life continues to teach us about unity, service and love.”
This marks the second year that OG&E employees have participated in a week of volunteer service in recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 
OG&E MLK Days of Service
Students at Sutton Elementary School listen to the book "My Uncle Martin’s Big Heart" read by an OG&E employee volunteer.