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January Board of Education Recognitions

January 25, 2021 Board of Education Meeting Recognitions (Click to view graphics)

Consuelo Aguilar Cruz was nominated by her teacher Ms. Flake and Howard Principal Ms. Greene, because she goes above and beyond what is expected of her and she is an exceptional role model to her peers.  Consuelo is the daughter of Consuelo Cruz.

Fairview Elementary teacher Ms. Johnson and principal Nicole Shaffer nominated Nimsy Aldaco because she is kind, encouraging and always willing to help others. Nimsy is the daughter of Miriam Bello and Ricardo Alto.

Jeannie Chanmanivong was nominated by her teacher Ms. Welsch and Ms. Mann, principal at Euper Lane Elementary because she follows the rules and is always smiling. Jeannie is the daughter of Baunhom Chanmanivong.

Ms. Boren, teacher at Carnall Elementary and principal Dr. Taneka Tate nominated Maritza Delgado because she is dependable and works diligently to put forth her best effort in all areas. Maritza is the daughter of Maria Perez and Pedro Delgado.

Woods Elementary teacher Mr. Holliman and principal Andrea Schwartz nominated Harper Edwards because she is the example of what a proud, positive and persistent Woods Patriot should be. Harper is the daughter of David Edwards and Lindsey Shamlin.

Jacob Gallardo Acosta was nominated by his teacher Ms. Gramlich and principal of Pike Ms. Austin, because he is quick to assist his fellow classmates when they are struggling and he is a great leader. Jacob is the son of Xiomara and Virgilio Gallardo.

Ms. Johnson and Mr. Bardin and Barling Principal Carl Hill nominated Kenzie Haynes because she demonstrates excellence in everything she does and is respectful to her teachers and her peers. Kenzie is the daughter of Kevin and Marci Hixon.

Beard Elementary teacher Ms. Holycross and principal Ms. Siebenmorgen nominated Chloee Limon because she makes good choices and always has a positive attitude. Chloee is the daughter of Emma Limon.

 Ms. Dewater and Ms. Triplett, teachers at Tilles Elementary, with Ms. Guerrero, principal, nominated Jacqueline Montoya because she displays a very high level of respect and honesty. Jacqueline is the daughter of Jahaira Montoya and Dilbert Bonilla. 

Aaron Vargas was nominated by his teacher Ms. Burdick and Ms. Dawson, principal, because he always completes his work to the best of his ability and he is a true leader for his peers. Aaron is the son of Jose and Ana Vargas.


Lindamood-Bell has held a ‘Leaders in Literacy’ webinar series for the past few years. They feature educators sharing their insights on student achievement and successful school improvement. This month’s Leaders in Literacy webinar will feature Tracy Newhart, FSPS K-12 Literacy Coordinator to discuss implementing Lindamood-Bell evidence based instruction in Kindergarten through second grade classrooms. Congratulations Tracy!

In December of 2020, Vice President Talicia Richardson received the Master Board Member Award by the Arkansas School Board Association that is earned when a board member receives 50 or more hours of continuing education credit.