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Inaugural Tour Introduces Seniors to FSPS Schools

As part of an effort by the Fort Smith School district to be more involved with the community, district officials hosted around 60 over 60 Fort Smith residents who are interested in learning more about area public schools and the city itself.

After seeing the success this type of tour holds for both citizens and the schools at his previous district, Dr. Doug Brubaker, superintendent, wanted to bring the initiative to Fort Smith. Organizers held the day-long event on Nov. 8, 2017.

Participants began their day aligned with the school schedule by meeting at the Service Center Auditorium at 8:15 a.m. for an introduction and remarks from district officials. Taking into consideration the light physical activity planned for the day, a light breakfast was provided, at which tour participants had the chance to get to know one another before starting on the journey.

Seniors toured the school grounds at Trusty Elementary School for the morning activity. Students were enthusiastic to interact with the tour group through performances and lessons in the classroom. Seniors took advantage of the opportunity to learn how curriculums have changed with the evolution of technology since their school days.

The seniors spent time at the Southside High School campus in the afternoon and had lunch prepared by FSPS Nutritional Services. Since the Fort Smith native seniors only had one high school growing up, most were not familiar with Southside's campus. A thorough walking tour educated the seniors about the campus and its history. High school students were equally excited to meet with the tour group and tell participants about modern high school life.

After a long day of travelling and learning, the seniors said they were impressed with the evolution and innovation they witnessed in area schools. Plans are that this will become a recurring tour.

Emanuel Pena, FSPS Intern