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FSPS Athletics & Activities Department Adopts DTN Weather Sentry System

Fort Smith Public Schools’ Athletics & Activities Department recently adopted the DTN WeatherSentry® System, a solution that provides real-time weather reports and forecasts to enhance fan and player safety by tracking weather conditions. WeatherSentry® tracks lightning detection, storm corridors, Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT), and more.

“The DTN WeatherSentry® System will provide additional safety measures for our students and fans. This system, through an app and text, provides real-time information that guides our staff with alerts and direction on how to safely proceed with outdoor activities,” said Michael Beaumont, Director of Athletics and Activities, Fort Smith Public Schools. 

“The DTN WeatherSentry® System enables staff to have advanced knowledge of severe or critical weather conditions that can affect our student athletes when participating in outdoor athletic events. Our goal is to always provide a safe and protective playing environment for athletes, and this system helps us do that,” said Sherry Riggins, Athletic Trainer, Fort Smith Public Schools. 

“The alerts are set up to inform coaches and staff of real-time weather conditions. Having this tool allows us to be as proactive as possible for events and as reactive as needed if a weather situation arises. The tool is not only used by schools, but professional and collegiate teams. It’s a great addition to our program to keep everyone safe,” said Brad Duplantis, Athletic Trainer, Fort Smith Public Schools. 

Example Text: DTN Alert: For My Location, forecast calls for wet bulb temp of 90F (86F) in your area by 12:00 PM Wed 09/01/21 CDT until 6:00 PM Wed 09/01/21 CDT.  Max length of participation with this range is 1 hour. No protective equipment, 30min of break time. Reply STOP to cancel