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Southside High School Celebrates AP Student Achievements

Students, staff, administrators, and proud parents gathered in the brand new Southside High School competition arena in an AAIMS Assembly to celebrate the achievements of several Advanced Placement students.

Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science, Inc. (AAIMS) is an affiliate of the National Math and Science Initiative. The goals of the program are to strengthen the teaching of the AP and grades 6-10 advanced pathway/accelerated mathematics, science, and English courses and to build enrollment and increase the number of students taking and earning qualifying scores on AP exams in these subjects and better preparing students in general for higher education and career.

Please help us congratulate the students below on their achievements on their AP exams!

AP Seminar and Research Certificate: Students who earn scores of 3 or higher in both AP Seminar and AP Research

Evan Chance

Abigail Holycross

Madison Nading

Callie Shannon


AP Capstone Diploma: Students who earn scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar and AP Research and on 4 additional AP exams of their choosing

Vivian Apple

Elizabeth Bunnell

Sarah Emmons

Ella Friery

Lindsey Garretson

Jedidiah Lightner

Jabe Lovett

Mattie Mclellan

Emma Paulus

Leen Samman

Sydney Tran


AP SCHOLARS: Students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams

Elizabeth Bunnell

Evan Chance

Lucy Coleman

Victoria Do

Aidan Donoho

Abigail Holycross

Luke Jackson

Eshal Khan

Quan Le

Eric LeJune

Steven Lu

Jackson Miller

Madison Nading

Alexander Naegle

Eric Nevenhoven

Dat Nguyen

Isabel Nuno

Logan Pearn

Bahdja Raache

Kaitlin Seiter

Pierre Simonian

Mailey Woolf


AP Scholars with Honor: Students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams

Zainab Bashir

Parker Daffron

Ella Friery

Lindsey Garretson

Jedidiah Lightner

Zain Rana

Callie Shannon

Sydney Tran

Braxton Waller


AP Scholars with Distinction: Students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams

Vivian Apple

Sarah Emmons

Lilith Graham

Ethne Hester

Jabe Lovett

Mattie Mclellan

Tu Nguyen

Maivi Nguyen

Terry Nguyen

Victor Nguyen

Emma Paulus

Alan Price

Leen Samman

Urvi Sharma

Yen Hao Yu


AP Students of Excellence: Students able to score a 3 or higher on one or more AP exam

Ana Aburto

Micah Alt

Brianna Andrews

Grace Atchison

Ella Atwell

Jackson Austin

AJ Bailey

Robert Beland

Haven Bracken

Luke Brasuell

Molly Brown

Mylee Brown

Jordan Calhoun

Jewell Callahan

Yen Chen

Ridge Colquitt

Emma Conley

Ava Crook

Audrey Cross

Hana Dingman

Elizabeth Do

Robert Dobbins

Addyson Dorrough

Audrey Edwards

Julia Edwards

Nathaniel Fincher

Myles Flanders

Stephen Forsgren

Alejandro Garcia

Alyssa Gehrig

Jameson Gentry

Sanskruti Ghanti

Michael Goines

Zach Goolsby

Gavin Grant

Elliott Grimes

Cade Gushing

Eli Harris

Emily Harris

Daniel Hernandez-Donato

Avery Herrera

Parker Hewett

Franklin Holloway

Madelynne Horton

Emma Hunter

Malak Ihmeidan

Madison Jaronitzky

Michael Jones

Jessica Kantola

Caroline Keck

Russell Key

John-Daniels Kwo

Rayden Laird

Jason Le

Lyna Le

Thein Le

Seth Lewelling

Yan Li

Brennen Linson

Elizabeth Loe

Heidi Marsh

Brooks Marshall

Jaymes McAlvain

Aidan McClain

Dylon McCord

Kennedy Meadors

Zachary Medlin

Luke Medlyn

Clair Merry

Alejandro Morales

Patrick Mush

Luke Nelson

Kathy Nguyen

Travis Nguyen

Molli Northcutt

Margaret Norton

Andrea Ortega

Vincente Otero

Michael Padilla

Dipa Patel

Myiesha Permana

Jesse Pham

Peter Pham

Samuel Pritchard

Judith Ramirez

Christopher Rhomberg

Anna Roberts

Lance Roffine

Tzideny Romero

Breilly Roper

Jonathan Rosas

David Rotaru

Emily Schmidt

Zoe Schwartz-Cunningham

Izabelle Simonian

Moira Sisco

David Sorg

Jude St. Germaine

Maggie Storie

Gabby Sullivan

Yazed Taforo

Hailey Taylor

Isaac Teague

Cameron Torrance

Britney Tran

Samuel Tran

Trista Troung

Natalie Tucker

Isaac Tunchez

Marcus Tuttle

Fabiola Velez

Anthony Vo

Elijah Walton

Jade Warren

Olivia Washington

Nicholas Watkins

Griffin Weindel

Kathryn Wilson

Austin Woodard

Gabby Woodie

Margaret Yelverton

We also want to recognize the following students for earning a 3, 4, or 5 on their AP Computer Science exam in May 2021.  Students earning a 3 will receive $250, students earning a 4 will receive $750, and students earning a 5 will receive $1,000.  The following students earned $250: Jordan Calhoun, Franklin Holloway, Aidan McClain, Eric Nevenhoven, Terry Nguyen, and Cameron Torrance.  The following students earned $750: Ethne Hester and Caroline Keck.  And finally, the following students earned $1,000: Mattie McLellan, Alan Price, and current West Point student and Southside Graduate, Kale Sheets.

In addition to the students we have just recognized today, there were a total of 83 Southside Seniors from the Class of 2021 who qualified for recognition. Of those students, there was 1 additional Capstone Diploma, 32 additional AP Scholars, 7 AP Scholars with Honor and 18 AP Scholars with Distinction. 

Congratulations to all of these students!