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FSPS Vision 2023 Capital Improvements Projects Update

The majority of Fort Smith Public Schools Vision 2023 capital improvements projects are complete. Details about Freshman Centers, new arenas, permanent walls and other safety features can be seen in the FSPS 2021 Report to the Public

Two projects remain in progress. The delivery of chair-back seats for the Northside High School Arena was delayed because of supply chain constraints. Seats and parts to complete the installation have arrived. It is likely that the arena will be operational with all seating in place by the end of next week (Jan 10-14). 

Construction challenges including supply chain issues and labor shortages have delayed the opening of Peak Innovation Center until late March 2022. FSPS and UAFS are currently working to open the Peak Innovation Center for students after Spring Break. Work continues on multiple aspects of the building like safety, electrical, parking/exterior sitework, and equipment calibration. Northside and Southside students who are enrolled in UAFS WATC classes will be in their respective schools until WATC classes begin on Jan. 10 at UAFS. Students are expected to attend classes at Peak for the final 4-5 weeks of the semester. We look forward to sharing more as progress nears completion.