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Haaser & 1000 Wins Among Board Recognitions in September

Board of Education RECOGNITIONS | SEPTEMBER 24, 2018

Haaser with Wade Gilkey and Greg Magness        

Steve Haaser said during the Board meeting Monday evening that he had been teaching so long at Southside that he even had Mr. Gilkey and Mr. Magness in class!

Coach Steve Haaser
In Year 39 at Southside, Steve Haaser has coached his way to 1000 volleyball wins. It happened in Russellville on September 15. “It’s not something I’ve been dwelling on or trying to achieve. These girls and this team this year is what it’s all about.”

The National Federation of High Schools states that are only 17 coaches with 1,000 or more wins. In that time, Coach Haaser has also led Southside to several overall state girls volleyball and basketball championships. Volleyball isn’t his only focus, but it has been his constant.

He has coached girls’ basketball, girls’ track, baseball and football, leading teams to 17 state titles. His overall record of 1,001-568 ranks first in Arkansas in number of wins, long surpassing the previous Arkansas Activities Association record belonging to Jonesboro Westside and Glenda Patterson with 738.

Superintendent’s Star Award Winners
Superintendent Stars are selected for this recognition by their principals as students who are exceptional citizens and who consistently make good choices.

Aiden Cheyne is the son of Keri Cousins and he is a sixth grader at Cavanaugh Elementary. Principal Hank Needham nominated Aiden because he takes school work very seriously and applies his silent motto, "when all the work is done then you can relax,” to everything he does. When given the opportunity for a little down time, Aiden will ask if he can practice math. Aiden practices a very high standard of respect for his mother, teachers, classmates, and his church. Cavanaugh has been honored to have him as a student ambassador for the past seven years. Aiden is one of Cavanaugh’s biggest and brightest star students!

Diamond Gonzalez is one of the hardest working sixth graders at Barling Elementary School. She is the daughter of Twalisha and Manuel Gonzalez. According to Principal Carl Hill, Diamond Gonzalez is a true super star student. She is polite and demonstrates respect for others. Diamond shows integrity in everything she does and always puts others before herself. She follows and sets examples of what a student should be and excels in all subject matters. She is the prime example of our Barling PRIDE: Politeness, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Excellence. She loves to help others, even without being asked.

Teresa Meadows is the daughter of Angela Meadows. She is a sixth grader at Pike Elementary and was nominated by Principal Monica Austin. Ms. Austin says that Teresa has really matured into a great leader in the seven years at Pike. This school year, she has stepped up to help in the cafeteria during breakfast to ensure that the Kindergarten students are safely waiting on their classroom teacher. Teresa is also a great helper to the office staff. She starts each morning gathering ice for our secretaries, so they can make ice packs. She is always willing to do whatever it takes to "fill someone's bucket." Teresa is model citizen at Pike Elementary.

Maddox Perez is the son of Steven and Melanie Perez. He is a sixth grader at Sunnymede Elementary School. Principal Dr. Krystle Smith nominated Maddox because he has made tremendous improvements in his behavior since entering Sunnymede in Kindergarten. He handled a very serious situation very responsibly and prevented classmates from making bad choices by seeking an adult’s help. He has become a positive leader in our school and helps to put the Sun in Sunnymede each day.

Makayla Robinson is in the sixth grade and was selected by Beard Elementary Principal Pam Siebenmorgen. She is the daughter of Emily and Kevin Robinson. The quote, "Do the right thing even when no one is looking" definitely applies to Makayla. She is always making good choices even when no one is watching....being quiet, making eye contact, following the habits and essentials. She is attentive, responds in class, and participates even when some of her friends do not because they want to appear "cool". Makayla tries her hardest on everything and isn't afraid to ask questions!

Anayiah Simpson is a fifth grader at Fairview Elementary and is the daughter of Shanna Green. According to Principal Peggy Walter, Anayiah Simpson was selected to receive the Star award because of her positive, uplifting attitude in everything that she does. Anayiah is eager and ready to participate in all activities at school. She is thoughtful and helps others when needed. Anayiah always has a friendly smile on her face and is kind and friendly to everyone.

Tyler Williams is the son of Casey and Craig Williams. He was nominated by Orr Elementary Principal Dawn Childress who says Tyler has earned the Star Award for many reasons. His academic skills are "off the charts!" He consistently works hard, not only to make good grades, but also to improve on his personal best and challenge himself. He is a great friend to others and always has a positive attitude, even when facing trials. Despite any personal struggles, Tyler always demonstrates the qualities of a leader.

Micheal Zachary is a fifth grader at Ballman Elementary. He is the son of Mary Harris and the grandson of Judith Hubbard. Micheal was nominated by Principal Lori Griffin, because of his excellent manners, hard work and determination. He wrote a thank you card to Burger King for providing burgers on our "Back to School" Night and even thanked them for the burger he earned from the FS Public Library Summer Reading Program. When Ms. Griffin praised him for his excellent manners, he said, "You know I have to show good manners because I have to be a good role model for my younger brother, Dusty."


SHS Merit Scholars

National Merit

Madelene Riche’, Vinh Nguyen and Ryan Beallis are all seniors from Southside and all have been named as National Merit Semi-Finalists…National Merit Semifinalists represent less than 1% of US seniors. These students are now eligible to compete for several rounds of scholarships, including school-sponsored scholarships as well as National Merit scholarships.


Five to Thrive

Five to Thrive
Because of the great work of Philip Garcia, Leigh Christian and the whole Child Nutrition team the Fort Smith Public Schools was named one of nine Five to Thrive districts in Arkansas. Five to Thrive is a grant funded from Arkansas Children’s Hospital’s Natural Wonders Innovation Fund. Five to Thrive was developed to encourage school districts across the state to offer a variety of nutritional and physical activity programming to improve student health and academic outcomes. They include:

1. Adopting ‘Breakfast After the Bell” or similar universal breakfast programs:
o Food Carts: Southside and Northside High Schools have food carts that allow students to pick up breakfast before school and in between first and second periods. The district plans to add carts in all four junior highs as well, and add an additional cart to each high school.

2. Serving or supporting USDA summer and afterschool meal programs:
o The Fort Smith School District has been serving meals throughout each summer for over 12 years. Breakfast and lunch were served at 11 different schools, for 44 days this past summer, including 14,408 breakfasts and 23,978 lunches.

3. Hosting Cooking Matters or similar nutrition education programs:
o The Fort Smith School District offers nutrition education through consumer science courses within the schools. This provides students the opportunity to build their knowledge about nutrition as well as skills in budgeting and meal preparation.

4. Maintaining or starting school-based pantries or weekend backpack programs:
o The Fort Smith School District has had a great relationship with the Community Services Clearinghouse for the past 14 years, and has students helping pack box lunches throughout the school year.

5. Implementing an evidence-based physical activity program:
o Elementary PE instructors and teachers include Go Noodle in their weekly routines. It is an online tool that teachers can use for various activities, such as reinforcing a skill like skipping numbers or something as simple as the kids needing a wiggle break during their daily routine.

Dr. Doug Brubaker, has been selected to serve on the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) Advisory Panel designed to advance the Empowered Superintendent Program and support school leaders in leading digital transformations across the US and internationally. It represents over 13 million students in school districts nationwide and continues to grow as a powerful and influential voice in K-12 education. Dr. Brubaker is the only current school superintendent in the United States who has earned the Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL) designation.

Cathey Ford, Intervention and Dyslexia Coordinator, was selected to present in the Lindamood-Bell Leaders in Literacy webinar series featuring education leaders from around the country sharing their stories of increasing student achievement. Her presentation was September 19, 2018 and she discussed how FSPS has provided extensive professional development in sensory-cognitive reading instruction to teachers across 19 elementary schools, including all K-2 classroom teachers, special education teachers, reading interventionists, and teachers of English language learners.