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 Coach Mauricio Maciel has been named as the 2018 Arkansas Coach of the Year by the United Soccer Coaches Association. He began his career with Fort Smith Public Schools as an assistant soccer coach at Southside High School later becoming head boys coach. In 2012, he began his work as head Soccer Coach for Boys and Girls at Northside High School. His boys teams have earned two state championships, the first in 2013 and the most recent in 2018.

Superintendent’s Star Award Winners

Superintendent Stars are selected for this recognition by their principals as students who are exceptional citizens and who consistently make good choices 

Mackenzie Kincannon, fourth grader from Woods Elementary. She and her best friend were attending a baseball game last Spring. When they went to the restroom, the door slammed and hit her friend in the forehead causing a significant wound. Mackenzie calmly and quickly walked back to the stands to get her mother. Those who were with them that evening were impressed by the composure that this young lady showed and the nurturing way that she took care of her friend.

Byron Estrada is in the sixth grade at Spradling Elementary. As a student who has attended Spradling since Kindergarten, he become an influential school leader. He is the President of the K Kids Service Club, Vice President of Golden Knights,  a member of Safety Patrol and Drum Club. Additionally, he helps set up for assemblies and was Spradling Student of the Month for September. He does all of this and maintains his place on the Honor Roll.

Coen Browning is in the sixth grade and arrives at Bonneville Elementary school with a smile on his face every day. He is eager to learn, and always willing to help. He often helps his classmates understand assignments. Coen always treats others with the utmost respect and maintains a positive attitude and models patience and kindness!

William Walker is a fourth grader and attends Sutton Elementary. He is super helpful and kind to others there. He is a member of our K-Kids group and he serves as a Lobby Librarian. He is thoughtful and encouraging to others.

Ladainian Lekdavanh is very kind to his sixth grade classmates who face challenges at Morrison Elementary. He frequently asks to help students in the classroom with their work, and he has helped students find different programs on their computers. He takes notice when his classmates are struggling, and he is quick to offer assistance. He offers to show the student examples and how to find needed resources.

Raiyden Marrazzo is in the third grade and is a Shining Star because of his leadership in the classroom, his work ethic and kindness toward others at Carnall Elementary. He excels in leading by modeling and reminding his peers of Carnall Colt Essentials. Not only is he kind to his peers, but when his teacher is out of the building, Raiyden always says, “Welcome back, Mrs. Treadway!!” He always make adults and peers feel VERY valued!! 

Annastasia Roberson is in the fifth grade and new to Cook Elementary this year and she is a leader in the classroom in every way. Annastasia loves learning and she spreads that enthusiasm and models curiosity. She is kind to everyone always extending a hand of friendship, car for the student who may be feeling left out or needing help.

Demarion Raullerson is in Kindergarten at Howard Elementary. He has matured tremendously since the beginning of school. His efforts are noticeable throughout the school building, and he is quickly becoming a model kindergartner.

Manuel Garcia Reyes is an outstanding role model for everyone at Trusty Elementary who knows him. He works hard in class and always strives to do his very best, not just with his academics, but with his positive behavior as well. He is always ready to help in whatever way he can and his calm presence gives assurance to those around him.

Randy Hardy is a new fifth grade student at Euper Lane. He has great character and sense of humor, and has been working hard in both academic and social areas. He is focused on his academics, bringing up his grades in all areas and has moved into a positive leadership influence among the students at Euper Lane.


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