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Uke Can Make Music

Making Music With The Ukulele

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) education is important to the FSPS Foundation Directors, so when Patti Hill proposed an all-in-one with “Uke Can Make Music” for Grades 3-6 at Sutton Elementary and Woods Elementary, they funded it!

The project began with the history of the ukulele, this included the discovery that the ukulele did not originate in Hawaii. They also learned about the instrument, its sections as well as the names of the strings. Then students discovered engineering concepts when they learned how the instrument makes its sound and how the vibration creates a specific pitch.

They also discovered an association between math and music composition when they learned to compose songs on open strings using the Quaver Curriculum Unit. Most recently, they have added more songs to their set list after learning to play the three chords of C, F and G7. With only four strings instead six like the guitar, the ukulele is the perfect size for elementary students.

One of Woods’ fifth grade classes performed at the school’s Founder’s Day celebration and now all of the students want a turn at playing the ukulele!


students play ukulele