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Cooking Matters at Northside High School

Mrs. Tomlin took 26 HOSA students from NHS to Hot Springs on March 5 to compete in the Arkansas HOSA Competition. This is a very competitive event for HOSA students. The following results were confirmed:
2nd- Brooklyn RaySports Medicine
1st- Crystal Yeung and Darren KeuthirathCommunity Awareness
1st- Kaitlyn Gilkey and Addison McDougalMedical Innovation- Original
3rd- Ashley MarschewskiSteven Vidal, and Dan TranPublic Service Announcement
*1st- Bernice GarciaTabatha Nguyen, Junelle Balagtas, and Amber KeomanyPublic Service Announcement
*1st- Emily AustinNgoc Le, and Katie PearsonPublic Service Announcement
*You will notice Northside has TWO first placements for the PSA event. Bernice's group scored the highest according to the rubric and overall quality of the work. The judges and visiting consultant from Tobacco Free Generation felt that Emily's group's PSA and presentation were "hands down" the most impressive and impactful. However, their PSA was (literally) one second too long and according to the letter of the rubric they lost 40 points and any chance at a the top three spot. The judges, consultant, and HOSA state representative Barbara Dimon agonized over this and decided to award both teams gold medals and eligibility to proceed to Internationals. As far as I am aware this is unprecedented.
Worth a note, Northside has had an exceptionally successful three years in the category of Public Service Announcements.
Kaitlyn Gilkey and Addison McDougal scored perfect on their rubric, which has never been done before!
Brooklyn is the first student to place in Sports Medicine from NHS!
HOSA PSA Junelle, Tabatha, Amber, Berenice (1st Place): 
HOSA PSA Ngoc, Emily, Katie (1st Place):
HOSA PSA Dan, Ashley, Steven (3rd Place):

HOSA PSA Junelle, Tabatha, Amber, Berenice (1st Place)