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Safety in our Schools

Safety and security of our students and our staff members are our highest priorities. Some of the safety and security measures currently in place include:

  • Mandatory staff ID badges so that visitors are quickly identified.
  • Regularly practiced, mandatory emergency drills that include procedures for lockdown, fire, and tornado.
  • Surveillance cameras at campuses and departments so that staff can monitor district grounds.
  • School resource officers (SROs) who regularly train to respond appropriately (with force if necessary) to emergency situations.
  • Storm shelters at all elementary and junior high schools.
  • A well articulated set of crisis response protocols.

Vision 2023 Capital Improvement Program Security enhancements are listed below:

  • Secure vestibules
  • Exterior electronic door locks
  • Enclosure of remaining open-concept classrooms
  • Alarm system upgrades
  • Additional storm shelters

Please know that you, your students, and our staff are great safety resources for us as well. We have procedures and protocols in place to investigate tips or concerns, and we do take every one seriously. Please remind your children to report anything that looks suspicious to them and call us if you have concerns.

If you have specific concerns or questions related to a campus, please contact your principal. I trust them completely and know how much they care about the safety of their students and staff.