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Southside Debuts Breakfast Cart

Students choose items off of Southside High School breakfast cart A new breakfast cart debuted in the Southside High School lobby Wednesday morning. With funding assisted by the “No Kids Hungry” program, students can now access breakfast from the cart at no charge, thus reducing the strain on the cafeteria.

“We had to get the kids who aren't coming to the cafeteria. We'll bring the cafeteria to them,” said Philip Garcia, child nutrition director.

Plans are to expand the food cart to Northside High School within the next two to three weeks and to be in the junior highs next year.
The cart offers fruit, milk, prepackaged bagels and sausage biscuits.

Southside student Philana Powell said the cart is, “Convenient and a neat idea.” 

Southside 11th-graders Hunter Teague, Victoria Shields and Lisa Vaughn also were impressed. The students used terms like, “good” and “really helpful” to describe the cart.

“The Bagel-fils are the best thing I ever tried," Vaughn added.