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New Name, Same Committed Staff

Principal Katie Kreimer Hall became principal at Darby Junior High two years ago. A new school and a new job description were no problem for her, especially with help from Baptist Health who is always there to lend a hand. Baptist Health (formerly Sparks) is one of Darby’s first Partners in Education. They are not just there for monetary donations but are consistently in the school every week helping with lunches, mentoring and any odds and ends that need attention. 

Baptist Health employees take time from their day and their jobs to help with student end of the year gifts, student of the month luncheons, lunches for the male and female mentoring programs (50+ people), guest speakers for Career Orientation class and mentoring groups and gifts for 100 staff members for Staff Appreciation Week. Being a mentor has been called a “trusted” guide. Yes, it is a commitment, but it is a rewarding commitment and Baptist Health agrees. 

Representatives from Baptist Health attend pep rallies and the annual Partner in Education appreciation lunch. Each Partner received personalized artwork created by Darby’s advanced art class. Songs and cards are given to Partners from the students. But monetary funds are not the most important thing that Baptist Health provides. Their time is the most valued, priceless contribution. Every year they have multiple employees take their lunch break to mentor at Darby. The guidance, wisdom and just being a friend is priceless to the students. Fort Smith Public Schools is proud and humbled to have Baptist Health as a Partner in Education.


Pictured Below: Baptist Health employees after a mentoring session


Baptist Health Mentors