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When choir director Katy Featherston realized Northside High School hadn’t done a musical in over 12 years, she knew that Northside choir and drama had an opportunity to collaborate and create something incredible. Featherston recruited drama teacher Robyn Fowler, and they got to work. The musical, “Once On This Island” included 18 Northside students and was performed April 11-April 13. There were at least 90 people attending each show, and the matinee showing brought in at least 150 attendees. 

Northside’s hard work for their production of “Once On This Island” received national recognition. Robyn Fowler sent the National Youth Arts Council a taping of the play and based on their performance, three Northside students were nominated for Supporting Performance in a Musical and Madeleine Newman won and accepted the award. Wailon Heuangwilai as AgweAbby Hope as Asaka, Angel Keohacksa as Papa Ge, were also nominated for the same award for their outstanding performances in the production. 

Drama teacher Robyn Fowler, said, “I am always impressed with our students. They bring the best to each performance. Great cast, great show. We should all be proud of them. With this show, the students learned how much time, effort and stamina are needed to stage, not just a good show, but a great show. They understand the process of a long-term project with outstanding results.”

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