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November Board Meeting's Superintendent Stars

Jasmine David is a delightful sixth-grade student at Trusty Elementary who can be heard telling everyone, even staff, "I hope you have a great day!" Jasmine, who was nominated by Principal Dr. Shantelle Edwards, is polite and respectful to other students and staff. She is also focused on learning. Her homeroom voted her Class Representative on Student Council and she serves on Safety Patrol. Jasmine is the daughter of Atoya and Franklin White.

Terry Harris is a sixth grader at Spradling Elementary School. He is kind, respectful and has perfect attendance. Terry, who was nominated by Principal Robyn Dawson, is a member of the Golden Knights. He is a breakfast volunteer and he passes out the weekend snack packs too. Everyone at Spradling knows that they can count on Terry for whatever needs to be done. He is the son of Malika Johnson.

Avery Lamb always comes to school in a happy mood; he greets all staff and students alike with a "good morning" and ends the day with "have a nice day". According to his teacher, "Before using any of my materials, he will ask if it's ok, thank me, and tell me thank you after he puts it back. If I ask Avery to do something, I know it's going to be completed immediately and to the best of his ability." Carnall Principal Taneka Tate says that “Avery makes our day a LOT happier and brighter. Avery is the son of Britany Lamb.

Anthony Mendez is a sixth grader at Morrison Elementary. Principal Britney Ballin says he is always going above and beyond. He helps other students without being asked and never complains. He is always kind to others and very respectful and polite to everyone. Anthony completes all assignments and is involved in Lego League and Coding Club. He is the son of Lizeth Mendez.

Eva Perry was nominated by Bonneville Principal Sharla Whitson. As a sixth grader, she is a very committed student. She serves on Student Leadership Council, she is a GATE student and a member of the safety patrol. She is always prepared for class, and helps others as needed. She also has great manners and always strives to do her best. She is the daughter of Edye Perry.

Daisy Raya is a life-long learner at Howard Elementary School. She was nominated by her principal, Velmar Greene, because she is a hard worker and has a wonderful heart. She is a fifth grader who comes to school every day sporting a smile and a great enthusiasm for learning…these are qualities that any teacher is excited to see. Daisy is the daughter of Jose and Maria Raya.

Adeeb Samman is a fourth grader at Cook Elementary. Principal, Dr. Courtney Morawski, says that he is always doing the right thing even when no one is watching. He works hard every day and loves to participate in activities when he can. Adeeb is a student who everyone goes to if they need help with something or if they just need someone to talk too. He is the son of Zaki Samman and Kefah Daas,

Liam Sparks is an amazing Kindergarten student at Euper Lane Elementary School. Principal Gina Mann said Liam is always focused and ready to learn. He helps demonstrate good choices all day, every day. He is a leader among his peers and loves school! He is a strong Eagle and we are proud of him! He is the son of Cassandra and Leon Sparks.

Kellie Thongkham is an exceptional sixth grade student, a wonderful leader, and a kind friend. She is currently the Sutton Elementary School K-Kids Vice President and Vice President of Student Council. Principal Jeannie Mathews said she is a leader throughout the day and a model student. She is the daughter of Dougkeo and Saengtavan Thongkham

Sixth Grader Kennedy Totten was selected by Woods Elementary School Principal, Andrea Schwartz because she embodies positivity and respect. Her teachers say that she demonstrates pride in her studies by working diligently every day. She is persistent and she never shies away from a challenge. Kennedy has an awesome attitude and always makes a positive contribution at Woods. She is the daughter of Ryan Totten.

Dr. Michael Farrell presented a presentation on the importance of our counseling program.