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Reducing Transitions Important Safety Measure At This Time

Northside and Southside High School are excited to announce changes to the bell schedule that will reduce transitions for students and staff and provide increased safety during this time. 

Students have traditionally attended 7 periods, for approximately 45-50 minutes each day. This requires students to move to different locations in the building for each period.

In order to reduce transitions, NHS and SHS will operate on a block schedule. Students will attend all 7 classes across two days rather than one. Each class period is approximately 90 minutes. Students will attend 4 classes on A day, and 3 classes on B day, ending B day with a flex period coded to an advisor, providing students an opportunity to receive additional help and support as needed. Students engaging in curriculum at home through the blended classroom model may utilize the flex period to participate in a testing lab for classroom and unit assessments. This schedule reduces time in the hallways, and the number of people that students interact with on a daily basis. 

Students will continue to participate in the same course options that they have participated in with a traditional 7 period day. 

Both schools will begin the school day at 8:10 and end at 3:05, and run identical bell schedules. 

Reducing Transitions Important Safety Measure at this time