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Stakeholders Critical to FSPS Success

Fort Smith Public Schools is committed to involving a variety of stakeholders in the development of district programming. Listen to a third-party account of an example at 00:03:30 in a 2018 edition of KUAF’s Ozarks at Large.

A list of current, active committees follow. These citizens, students, and educators serve on different stakeholder teams that the administration has invited to discuss and offer feedback on FSPS work toward solutions and answers for a variety of challenges. 

District representatives present work accomplished on particular projects, and will encourage the group to ask questions and make suggestions for improving that work. FSPS does not ask individuals to bring problems to the group, but asks that participantsS advise the district on best ways to approach solutions. 

Citizens, students and educators are often invited to participate based on informal recommendations from principals and others who know of a person’s interest in particular subjects. Stakeholders choose to participate and may offer suggestions for others who may consider serving. 


The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council has been active since the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. The students who represent all secondary schools are invited to assist Dr. Brubaker and the Executive Team in developing a better understanding of the needs of students as well as to offer an opportunity for these young people to further develop their leadership skills. A percentage of these students apply based on their interest in serving on this team. Others serve as a responsibility of their elected position at their schools.

Tu Nguyen, CJH

Izabelle Simonian, CJH

Emaline Pendleton, CJH

Jacob Reeder, CJH

Jaden Williams, CJH

Vanesa Parga, DJH

Emma Gulstad,DJH

Jamoni Benton, DJH

Gabriel Brown, DJH

Will Whitson, DJH

Cole Grist, KJH

DaeMarion Savoy, KJH

Trey Rajsombath, KJH

Andrew Legaria, KJH

Shalia Dawson, KJH

Anna Hale, KJH

Za’Kari Gurule, RJH

Chris Rhomberg, RJH

Dylan White, RJH

Luzirene Maldonado, RJH

Mary Jeremiah, NHS

Natalie Estrada, NHS

Austin Manylath, NHS

JT Beasley, NHS

Noah Ralston, NHS

Will Stites, NHS

Lakailah Hartgraves, NHS

Liv Todd, NHS

Leen Samman, SHS

Anna Claire Tilley, SHS

Addison Obana, SHS

Micah Alt, SHS

Haris Rana, SHS



This group of stakeholders, which included students, educators, UAFS representatives and community leaders, were invited to help FSPS develop the Peak Innovation Center name and brand.  

Chaprelle Wanton, NHS

Joshua Pack, SHS

Faith Rossi, SHS

Sawyer Eddins, NHS

Angela Holwick

Kristen Been

Amanda Siedenzahl

Dr. Gary Udouj

Connie Bergeson

Amber Billingsley

Adina Boatright

Amye Chambers

Ken Fletcher

Stephanie Freeman

Dr. Mary Ann Johns

Jason Meharg

Sarah Ray

Angela Tilley

Amy Douglas

David Craig

Cathy Nesbit

Angie Stutsman

Autumn Minnick

Lorie Robertson

Rick Evans

Jason Green

Clinton Johnson 

Andrea Slaton

Jeff Prewitt

Jennifer Thomas

Georgia Hale

Chris Kelly

Dalton Person

Paul Davis

Russell Gibson



This group of parents, students, educators and community members was convened to review and comment on the FSPS Back to School: Ready to Learn Plan and subsequent projects related to the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. 

Leen Samaan

Liv Todd

JT Beasley

Ryan Gray

Jennifer Lyon

Stephanie Beasley

LeeAndra White

Dylan White

Ronika Morgan

Brook Loe

Tim Beasley

Paul Davis

Alex Sanchez

Natasha Shoate



This group of educators and mental health professionals was established to review and comment on the District’s work on the state-required Comprehensive School Counseling Plan. 

Michelle Burnett

DeMarcus Brown

Rusti Holwick

Dr. Mary Ann Johns

Pablo Albuja

Kessia Brown

Marla Kendrick

Crystal Lougin

Dr. Ginni McDonald

Katie Mankins

Donala Jordan

Debra Brown

Cherri Byford

Samantha Cole

Sarah Gibbons

Kristi Kendrick

Shirley McCutchen

Shangaleza Benton

Angelica Hernandez

Joan Kincannon

Karen Williamson

Nora Molinero

Lisa Albuja

Robyn Dawson

Gary Udouj

Dr. Michael Farrell

Ila DeBose

Marla Kendrick

Sherri Logsdon

Kristin Riggs

Dr. Courtney Morawski

James Schneider

Cindy Lattimore

Belinda Scott



These two existing committees  were convened to advise the district on the development of diversity programming for students and staff. 

Alice Alt*

Christopher Johnson*

Lori Griffin*

Charolette Tidwell*

Ken Kupchick*

Ryan Gray*

Gordon Manley*

Karen Vicens~

Amanda Butler*

Kathy Haaser*

Britt Humphries*

Ron Orick~

Daniel Peña~

Jackie Flake~

Paul Davis~

Monica Riley~

Talicia Richardson – Board Representative Vision 2023


*Vision 2023 Equity

~Minority Recruitment



This advisory committee is made up of individuals who served on the District’s Vision 2023 Strategic Planning Team, the Vision 2023 Action Teams or the Citizens Committee. Several individuals who were new to the process were invited to participate as well. 

Tim Beasley 

Eric Carman

David Cogswell

Scott Faldon

Tanisha Guy

David Humphrey

Britt Humphries

Christy Ivey

Trey Jackson

Holly Jennings

MacKenzie King

Hugh Maurras 

Autumn Minnick

Richard Morris

Lavon Morton

Rusty Owen

John Priester

Stacy Ralston

Tracy Risley

Hobe Runion

Alex Sanchez, Chair

Justin Skinner

Darrell Stovall

Dan Sturgill

Elizabeth Voris

Eddie Walker

Emma Watts

Pam Weber

Rodney West

David Wiggins