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Dr. Doug Brubaker selected as Superintendent of Texarkana, TX Independent School District

Fort Smith Public Schools (FSPS) Superintendent, Dr. Doug Brubaker, has been named as the lone finalist for the position of superintendent in the Texarkana, Texas Independent School District. This announcement was made today following a favorable vote by the Texarkana, TX Board of Education.

Dr. Brubaker, who has served as FSPS Superintendent since January 2017, said, “Taking on the superintendent role in Texarkana ISD represents a great move for our family professionally and personally, and we are very excited about it. It’s also important to share that Heather and I love Fort Smith and are grateful that our family has had the opportunity to live, work, and grow in such an exceptional community over the past four years. For me, it has been a great privilege to work with our outstanding school board, educators, staff and community members to expand opportunities for students. With such a strong school board and team in place, I know that we can look forward to hearing great things about Fort Smith Public Schools in the years to come.”

Texas law requires a 21-day waiting period between a school board’s action and the date that the employment contract may be signed. Dr. Brubaker is expected to begin work as their superintendent on January 4, 2021.

FSPS Board of Education President Bill Hanesworth said, “As one might expect Dr. Brubaker’s announcement took me by surprise but understandable given the success the district has had under his tenure. I would compare it to a sports team that wins a national championship and suddenly the head coach and his assistants become targets for recruitment. In a sense we should feel a sense of pride that our district has attracted the attention from other districts recognizing our accomplishments. So, to you Dr. Brubaker we wish you and your family the best on your new assignment. Thank you for a job well done.

Our attention now must turn to continuity of leadership. The timeliness of this transition is most important to continue the momentum we have built over the last several years. The Board understands the importance of leadership continuity and will begin its task immediately to ensure a smooth transition

Again, congratulations to Dr. Brubaker and best wishes on your new assignment!”

Dr. Brubaker was selected superintendent by the FSPS Board of Education in December 2016. He began his work in Fort Smith in January 2017. Since that time, he has led FSPS staff and the community to accomplish several milestone projects during his tenure with the district.

  • The Board of Education approved the district’s five-year Vision 2023 Strategic Plan in December 2017. This was a collaborative effort and process that was designed by more than 200 educators, students, parents and community leaders.

  • The Vision 2023 Strategic Plan provided the framework for the Vision 2023 Citizens Committee to research and outline capital improvement priorities. They recommended the need for a millage increase valued at more than $121 million. The Board agreed and called for the election in March 2018.

  • In May 2018, citizens of Fort Smith and Barling voted 62% to 38% to approve a 5.558 millage increase focused on safety and enhanced instructional opportunities for all district students. This was the first successful millage election in 31 years.

  • Dr. Brubaker has facilitated the district’s growing success in the Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education’s collaboration with Solution Tree’s Professional Learning Communities at Work.

  • He focused the development of the student-centered, career-focused and community-supported Peak Innovation Center that is scheduled to open in August 2021.

  • Because of his leadership, all students at all levels have a Chromebook that they can take home. While the original project plan did not anticipate the COVID pandemic, these devices have ensured that all children can learn at home should circumstances demand a 100% pivot to remote learning.

  • As the district nears its half-way point in both the Vision 2023 Strategic and Capital Improvements Program plans, construction projects are progressing steadily and remain within established budgetary parameters. Instructional opportunities remain focused by Vision 2023 Goals including Career Planning, Instruction, Learning Environment/Facilities, Staffing, Technology, Equity and Wellness.