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Fort Smith All-Region Orchestra Results

Fort Smith Schools is proud to share that the following FSPS students have made All-Region Orchestra this year! The FSPS Orchestra program makes up 37% of the North All-Region Orchestra this school year, which includes Fort Smith, Bentonville, Fayetteville, Rogers, and several other surrounding locations. 

"We, the FSPS Orchestra Directors, are so proud of how strong the Orchestra program is in Fort Smith and appreciate the tremendous support from the FSPS administration, teachers, staff, parents and community. Thank you for helping us create an orchestra program that is highly admired throughout the state!" said Southside High School Orchestra Director Mike Burkepile. 

Cadet Orchestra

Cadet Violin

Domingo Gracia - Darby - Concertmaster

Ngoc Tran - Chaffin

Aiden Longoria - Chaffin

Michael Nguyen - Chaffin

Josephine Kennedy - Ramsey

Rosemary Bull - Chaffin

Armani Tuttle - Ramsey

Tammy Nguyen - Chaffin

Eli Burkepile - Ramsey

Eduardo Cardona - Ramsey

Emma Thompson - Chaffin

Alyssia Ortiz - Ramsey

Lily Fry - Ramsey

Cadet Viola

Calen Long - Darby

Kaylene Sierra - Ramsey

Brinnley Adams - Chaffin

Jacqueline Parga - Chaffin

Cadet Cello

Byron Estrada - Kimmons - Principal

Paul Doan - Chaffin

Rylee Scott - Kimmons

Collin Clayton - Ramsey

David Ramirez - Ramsey

Michaela Kaelin - Chaffin

Cadet Bass

Aaron Boggs - Ramsey - Principal

Candyce Castling - Chaffin

Josianne Gentry - Ramsey

Austyn Head - Chaffin

Adren Stahl - Ramsey

Chloe Hale - Chaffin

Concert Orchestra

Concert Violin

Chandler Garrett - Chaffin

Elizabeth Files - Chaffin

Macy Nix - Chaffin

Trieu Le - Darby

Rin Ahlert - Ramsey

Samuel Hampton - Chaffin

Jameson Gentry - Chaffin

Paris Novak - Kimmons

Concert Viola

Kent Arnold - Ramsey - Principal

Ngan “Nancy” Trieu - Chaffin

Nha Ho - Kimmons

Evakay Sayapath - Ramsey

Concert Cello

Alejandro Morales - Ramsey

Katherine Marcotte - Chaffin

Travis Nguyen - Chaffin

Tzideny Romero - Ramsey

Concert Bass

Jayden Patel - Ramsey

Symphonic Orchestra


Kate Wooten - Southside - Concertmaster

Nicole Jeter - Northside

Gregory Allen - Northside

Lexi Somchay - Southside

Matthew Humphrey - Southside

Samuel Tran - Southside

Arilyn Ellis - Southside

Tina Nguyen - Southside

Luis Resendiz - Northside

Thu Nguyen - Southside


Angel Duron - Northside

Jedediah Lightner - Southside

Aiden Donoho - Southside

Karalyn Young - Northside


Tyler Lewis - Southside - Principal

Alexander Ramos - Northside

Callie Shannon - Southside

Myles Flanders - Southside


Jack Minnick - Southside

Jackson Messenger - Southside

Jude St. Germaine - Southside


Alejandra Iturirriaga Centeno - Northside - Principal

Bb Clarinet

Luis Resendiz - Northside


Erik Iraburo - Northside

Bass Trombone

Pablo Cortez - Northside


Adam Ferguson - Northside


Gavin Green - Southside


Jacob Weaver - Southside