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After-School Care Program (SPICE)

Parents needing after-school care for their children may enroll them in the “Supervised Program In a Caring Environment” (SPICE) program, which provides a fun, safe, supervised environment for students in grades K-5.


Only eight FSPS elementary schools offer the SPICE program. To participate in the program, the student must attend one of the following schools:


  1. Barling Elementary: 1400 D Street

  2. Bonneville Elementary: 2500 S Waldron Road

  3. Cavanaugh Elementary: 1025 School Street 

  4. Cook Elementary: 3517 Brooken Hill Drive

  5. Euper Lane Elementary: 6601 Euper Lane

  6. Fairview Elementary: 2400 S Dallas Street

  7. Orr Elementary: 3609 Phoenix Avenue 

  8. Woods Elementary: 3201 Massard Road 



SPICE operates from 3:05 PM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday, only when school is in session.


  • Registration fee per family per year: $30.00

  • Monthly fee (due on the first working day of the month): $90.00 per child per month

  • Late fee (added on 2nd working day): $25.00 PER CHILD

  • Returned check fee:  $25.00 (future payments must be made by money order)


FSPS bills monthly and accepts payments in three ways:

  1. U.S. Mail

  2. Pay in person

  3. Withdraw by auto-draft



Beginning August 1, 2023, Enroll your child at the Service Center Complex, Building C, Student Services Office, 3205 Jenny Lind Road. Student Services office hours are 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information, contact Cindy Johnston at or 479-629-0224 or visit the SPICE webpage.