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Northside Graduation Venue Decision Postponed Until 3PM

The district has decided to delay the announcement of the possible venue change for the Northside High School graduation ceremony until 3 PM today. District administration had previously planned to announce that decision at 9 AM this morning but has decided to continue to monitor the weather before making a decision. The decision will be posted on the FSPS Facebook page and the FSPS website at 3 PM today.

The graduation will occur on Friday, May 19, 2023, either at Northside’s Mayo -Thompson Stadium, or at the Northside Arena, at 2301 North B Street. 

Should the weather forecast become inclement, school administration will shift the graduation venue from Northside’s outdoor stadium to its indoor arena.  Because seating inside the indoor arena is limited, the graduation start time and a ticketing process will be implemented as follows:

Start time for the graduation ceremony: 

  • 6 PM: for graduating students whose last name begins between the letters  A-L;

  • 7 PM-8 PM:  Intermission (transition attendees from A-L to M-Z)

  • 8 PM-9 PM:  for graduating students whose last name begins between the letters M-Z.


Staff will provide Northside High School graduating students eight (8) tickets each.  The graduates will be able to share their tickets with family, friends, or other students if they only need to use some of the tickets they are given. Additionally, staff will provide an overflow room option for those who do not receive a ticket.  Northside’s graduation ceremony will be live-streamed and can be accessed via this link