What proof of residence documentation is accepted?

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  • One of the following:
  • 1) A current utility bill (within 30 days- gas, electric, or water) showing the name and address of the student's legal guardian within the attendance zone of the school to attend. If provided, no other documentation is needed.
  • 2) A home purchase contract with a specific closing date and a copy of the deed to be provided within 90 days.
  • 3) Home visit to the address for a designated school official verification.
  • Families living in a situation where these documents are in another person's name will need to provide a signed written statement from the residence provider attesting to the family living at the address, along with a utility bill in the owner's name and a copy of their ID. The letter will need to be provided to the Student Services office by the parent/guardian, along with their ID, where a Resident Statement affidavit can be signed and notarized for the parent/guardian swearing to the claimed living address. Any student qualifying for McKinney-Vento homeless benefits will receive those benefits as outlined by federal law.
  • An approved School Choice application/letter.
  • Documentation of an approved transfer within the district – class size or attendance area exception.
  • Documentation of approved legal transfers between the resident and the receiving district.
  • An independent investigation may be made to confirm or deny the verification of any claimed address when seen as needed by school administration.